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Well, he swept me off my feet with his niceness and compliance and romance … then what happened? We got married and it became dull and uninteresting. Grow a pair already!

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Life with someone should be interesting and exciting. A little drama and disagreement now and then never hurts a relationship, it actually strengthens it and makes it grow. Keeping a little to the imagination helps keep the spark alive! It keeps things interesting and exciting. Think about anything you worked hard to get and how proud you were to get it.

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Make it too easy and you will lose interest just as fast as you got it. I will be the first to admit it. They bore me and it always seems they have something to hide why are they being so nice?

Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

I am a survivor and I want a survivor. My Professor is a nice guy. When I compared our two personality types, it says we are the least compatible types to match up, as he is all about emotion and love and i'm more concern with intelligent discussions and will get frustrated by lack of depth. I tried talking to him again about him showing personality and he just apologizes and said i can ask him questions and he can answer.

I'm annoyed because i would prefer convo to flow naturally instead of me sitting there asking question after question am i being too harsh? Jul 1, 2. Sounds like he's a bit socially awkward and sensitive.

If he isn't your type and he's boring you, just end it. You can just be friends or less. No need to force something that isn't there.

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Jul 1, 3. Lol why you make that man take a personality test when it sounds like you knew very quickly that y'all aren't compatible. No need to try and force it, let that man be dry and find someone who enjoys that. Thanks x 25 LOL! Jul 1, 4. Jul 1, 5.


'The Bad Boys Hurt Me And The Nice Guys Bore Me. How Do I Change It And Where Are The Men?'

Jul 1, 6. Yes one of the most beautiful men who's ever approached me in my life turned out to be really, painfully boring. Then he tried to give me money and buy my affection when I ended things so I guess that's the only way he knows how to keep girls. God he was pretty, it was a tragic waste! Jul 1, 7. Thanks x 9 LOL! Jul 1, 8. This one guy that I talk ed to is a cutie and when we first started talking he gave good conversation and then it was like he ran out of things to say.

He does pop up like once a week asking me to come over. I just figured that he just wasn't into me like that and is just looking to fuck.

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That's just not something that I am interested in. If he is looking for more than a fuck, he is totally going about it the wrong way. Jul 1, 9.

Are Nice Guys Really Boring? Or Are You Just Avoiding Your Real Issues?

Thanks x 2 Hugs! Jul 1, It sounds like a lack of social skills and emotional intelligence. I know plenty of people who don't really do anything super exciting and don't have strong opinions but who know how to discuss a topic, know how to keep a conversation moving and know how to connect emotionally.

He's probably just always been attractive, good student, mild mannered and respectful and he never was forced to learn how to really interact. I think you should just save yourself the frustration and move on. If he can't read a conversation and formulate an appropriate response, I doubt he's going to be able to communicate about larger issues in a relationship. His "ask me questions on this date and I'll answer" turns in to "I don't see a problem with anything ever, you do all the work, planning, coordinating, guessing what I want, asking for affection

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