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I know we can build our happiness with our own hands. Love dogs, crafts, day road trips and the ocean. Like coffee, movies and cuddiling. Keep it simple and keep it real! I am looking for friends for more. I live alone with my cat in the white center area and work downtown in accounting for a seafoods company. I love to write and appreciate conversing with other writers. I'm an editor, copywriter and blogger. On my free time I love working out and testing my physical limits.

Another person to workout with would be great.

Hello out there, I am new here and will come back to this. Most important to know is I love music and love making someone feel special. Pretty down to earth.

Love reading, adventures and spending time with those I love. Always enjoy fellowship whether over a meal, coffee, walking or games. My favorite place to enjoy is definitely the beach. I feel at peace there. Do you like to travel? Or eating raw fish? Is the thought of a future Something for which you wish? Do you like to see movies?

Do you find first dates easy? I'm real, I'm an open book and theres nothing I wont talk about. I love being outdoors, I love animals and insects of every. I like walking my dogs. I like working on my house. I am honest and funny I love to laugh and i like to make people laugh I like to listen to music,. I am here looking for someone to build a relationship with, I am not here looking for a casual fling, or a friend with benefits. If you are please do not contact me as I really don't want to waste my time or yours. So here I am, doing something instead of not doing anything.

Life is to short to remain inert. One step leads to another. Tired of the silly games, let's laugh so hard we can't breath and our bodies hurt the next day! Really, Im a open book and have nothing. I love traveling and trying new cuisines. I'm a smoking, drinking, tattoed, pierced, atheistic pan sexual. I live with two dogs, four cats, and two roommates. I love puns, among other dad jokes. I quote TV shows and movies more than is acceptable.

I am very shy but once I warm up to someone I am tons of fun. My favorite food is sushi and I absolutly love to listen to music. If you want to know more just ask. I am very passionate in relationships, very opinionated, very loyal, very loving, and very committed. I love to sing and dance.

I like good dark beer, good wine and cocktails but am just an occasional drinker. I exercise once in a. Looking for someone to hang out with and possibly more. I absolutely love women and everything about them. I'm an introverted emo nerd.

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I'm new to town and new to being out to people who take me seriously. I'm not into women that are "butch" ugh, I hate labels I just am attracted to women who look like women, ummm I have been a lesbian all my life. I'm looking for a serious and long term relationship that will last forever. I am hoping I get lucky. Hit me up don't be scared. Artist Musician Future nurse I kinda love cute girls a lot My best friend is my safe place from all the negativity in my life right now.

I don't ever fill these out because then I'm being open with every stranger that comes along, if you like what you see just message me ask me questions and actually get to know me. I am single living In Bremerton. I am a student at UW and will graduate in June. Available sports include soccer, basketball, softball and volleyball.

By far the biggest school in the area is the University of Washington , with over 60, students and staff. The UW funds a Q Center which provides support groups, resources, and a safe place for queer students on campus. The UW is basically its own city within Seattle, encompassing the University District which has lots of great food, coffee shops and bars.

Lots of shared housing and co-ops dot this area that also has lots of young families. The effort failed, and now Ballard is just a neighborhood of Seattle- albeit a cool, industrial, fishing village type neighborhood. Like a city within Seattle, West Seattle has pretty much everything somebody would need, including a strong sense of community. Cool shopping, a gay bar, and lots and lots of Momma-Mommy families, West Seattle has lots of affordable housing as well. Cheap and diverse, Columbia City is a good bet for funky restaurants and live music. Cheap housing, lots of good cheap food, and great views make Beacon Hill a good choice.

Lots of dive bars, a great roller skating rink that hosts Pride Skate and more Vietnamese restaurants than you can count, White Center is a gritty, unique hidden secret. Lots of queers make their home down here because of how affordable it is. For family support specifically, there are a few groups that meet regularly including Feather Boa Fathers for gay dads , Maybe Baby Seattle support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people who are interested in becoming parents , Mature Friends a group for those over 40 , and Rainbow Families of Seattle.

Seattle Pride is held on the last weekend in June and has been a constantly evolving event. Hosted mainly by Seattle Out and Proud , Pride has gone through a little bit of an identity and financial crisis the past few years that included a move from Capitol Hill to the Seattle Center, a bankruptcy, and board change. Despite the internal politics, Seattle Pride is a super fun, community building event that is the highlight of the year for many people.

Pride in Seattle as in most cities seems to be two-faceted: The Pride Parade held on Sunday is the biggest parade Seattle sees all year. It snakes through downtown Seattle, drawing over , spectators every year. The big businesses around town like to show their support, so you can always count on Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Google, Boeing, and Alaska Airlines to have huge employee contingents marching, which we honestly love, of course. This event is great for people watching and relaxing after a long weekend of partying. The party at the Rose runs from Friday through Sunday, with Friday featuring a wet t-shirt contest and DJs til the wee hours of the morning, Saturday looking at all-day bands and beer pong, and Sunday usually hosting a spectacular Butch contest with even more music.

Seattle Out and Proud also hosts a Pride Idol singing competition. Recently and for the first time , a number of churches and synagogues came together to host an Interfaith Pride Service on Saturday, which was well attended. Seattle Counseling Services are specific for our community and have a number of resources for other service providers in our community, including addiction help and psychiatric care.

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The Capitol Hill Alano Club hosts a number of support meetings for those in recovery. Same with Greek Row by the University of Washington at all times. Of note though, there is usually one or two Rainbow Wedding Expositions , and with Washington state super close to legalizing gay marriage, these are sure to increase.

Here's a look at some Lesbian Meetups happening near Seattle.

They usually do a decent job and are pretty cheap. Lots of people have their favorite stylist at different locations — check Yelp for details. Check Yelp for other ideas- or just ask that cute girl next to you on the bus where she got her hair done! Just like hair salons, there are about a million tattoo and piercing shops in Seattle, all of which people swear by.

Seriously though, do your research, find an artist you like, and enjoy! Seattle is generally a pretty safe city to live in, especially as an LGBT person. As is to be expected anywhere, there are acts of violence, however, these do not tend to be targeted and instead are usually drug related. The police department has an LGBT liaison who works with us to address concerns as they come up.

Besides San Francisco and New York, Seattle might just be the next most expensive city in the nation.

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High rents, high cost of food — this place is expensive. Wages tend to reflect that reality, however, it can be hard to make ends meet for many people. Unfortunately, the city is still fairly segregated, with the south ends of the city being more diverse in both racial and economic terms.

There is a fairly large transgendered population as well. Part of an ongoing series of Queer Girl City Guides. You need to login in order to like this post: Is anyone doing a guide on Columbus? Because I have lots of interest in living there at some point maybe. I am writing about Columbus! It should be posted soon!

I just wish I had enough safe to include all the gay things in cbus! My friends and I wrote about Columbus too! I just edited mine, well added stuff, and sent in the final copy. Plus, they probably would have told us. I guess Columbus is just too awesome for only one post! Did they say when yours will be posted? My wait to read it!

I think ours will be posted soon. Columbus is just that cool of a town. This is such a glaring omission…. My sister lives in Seattle and she took me to Lick when I visited a couple summers ago. I walked in and it was 20 degrees hotter than outside and smelled like sweaty hipster. Also, there was a cute girl wearing only a bandana for a top. And then she took it off. I second the Center for Sex Positive Culture. Some of my best Seattle memories are of spending nights dancing and snuggling there! Awhh, I just moved from Seattle and this is making me homesick!

I hope someone does a queer guide for Madison so I can compare! Oh props to Ingersoll. When we had Gender Odyssey here what? They were really nice and welcoming to me. They are mostly middle-aged lesbians and the straight women who love them aka my mother. They also host queer cinema events throughout the year.

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Attracting artists who have been priced out of Capitol Hill. Tattoo studios, good beer, a farmers market, Fantagraphics graphic novel bookshop. Lisa, thanks for the Sistah Sinema mention! Sistah Sinema is a monthly event. Find us on Facebook to get the latest information.

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Oh, also an excellent answer to our one-lesbian-bar-issue: You can find them on Facebook. It draws a cool and changing group of girls to good bars. But cool guide, I liked the breakdown of the different neighborhoods. As far as diversity it really depends on the neighborhood. The thing here is that all the neighborhoods are really little universes unto themselves like the author touched on with the neighborhood breakdown and things can feel very different from one to the next.

Seattle Counseling Services is on the Hill too, and offers counseling and psychiatric services on a sliding scale. Also smoking cessation, AIDS prevention and so on. One more place is called the Carolyn Downs clinic, also sliding scale and has cool things like a naturopath. Now the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Its highly unlikely this will happen, but is there any chance you guys could do one of these things about Dublin, Ireland? OMG look what I found!!! The description of Belltown fits for parts of 1st ave. Also, was anyone else excited to see a rower in the thumbnail photo for this article? Some say she does the best short cuts in the whole city, and I have to agree. I am planning on moving to Seattle in May and am looking for a room to rent..